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Maracas doradas artesanales antiguas

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Maracas de oro hechas a mano antiguo coco natural
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Antique gold maracas are created from natural materials: the maracas head is natural coconut, with a preserved texture and painted with gold acrylic paint and coated with acrylic varnish with barely visible sparkles, which gives a charming sparkle. Holder made of bamboo, decorated with jute twine interlaced with gold thread. Inside the coconuts, lentils and beans, this combination creates a unique pleasant sound. This instrument will be a great addition to the basic composition of musical instruments and the accent of the orchestra.
Dimensions: head 13 (+ -) cm, height 30 (+ -1) cm.
Operating conditions: like any musical instrument, maracas love a careful attitude, do not wet, do not drop, avoid high temperatures.
Maracas are equipped with a bag for storage and carrying.

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