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Green maracas pea buckwheat in a pouch

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Green large handmade maracas
34,50 $


Handmade green musical instrument Maracas is made of natural materials. The head of the maracas is made of Vietnamese coconut, painted with acrylic paint of a sunny - green metallic color. It shimmers very beautifully and looks dull. The holder is made of pine, decorated with flax-hemp twine and a gold cord. Maracas in hand looks very impressive and elegant. Inside the coconut, loose natural ingredients: round yellow peas and buckwheat, create a unique rustling bright pleasant sound. The diameter of the coconut is 10 cm, the length of the entire tool is 28 cm. The kit includes a guipure bag of green color for storing and carrying the tool. Such an instrument can serve as an original gift to a musician or lover of ethnic musical instruments. This maracas in a single copy and has no repetitions. Stylish and beautiful noise instrument.



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