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Maracas Pea Oats

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A unique handmade coconut maracas noise instrument with beautiful sound from natural materials.
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Noisy musical instrument Maracas handmade. Maracas created from Vietnamese coconut, sanded and painted by hand. Coconut left a natural shade. Pearl spangles and gold powder are added to the varnish, which create a unique flicker and image of the instrument. Inside the maracas create the sound of yellow middle peas and peeled oats. The sound is unique due to the combination of these two components. The holder is made of natural wood. The holder’s decor is created from a combination of two flax-hemp and jute twine. Twine perfectly complement the image of the instrument with natural shades. On the end of the holder is a loop with a brush for hanging on a hand. Complete with maracas guipure bag with satin ribbons for carrying and storage.

Tool dimensions: length 25 cm, coconut diameter 11 cm, handle length 15 cm.

A great tool for creating an unusual arrangement in ethnic style.

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