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Kitchens of plenty cheerful oil Painting on canvas on cardboard

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Kitchen of plenty oil Painting cheerful picture for dining room decoration 73.5 cm x 48 cm
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Bright and unusual picture "kitchen of abundance" symbolizing the secret side of gluttony or magical preparations, the standard attributes of the kitchen and feast: bottles, kettles, cups, bagels turned into unusual items filled with potion, shrouded in symbolism or even come alive and peep at everyone. And outside the window there is also something supernatural, and the atmosphere may be alien.  The picture is made on canvas on cardboard. Bright juicy oil paints and universal contours with sequins and metallic, create an unusual atmosphere. Dimensions 48 cm x 73.5 cm. The painting is framed in a beige baguette frame with shimmering multi-glitters. Such a bright and unusual picture will decorate the interior of any kitchen or dining room.

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